Lucky Local Covid 19 Survivor Back Home After 121 Days! By Jamie Gilcig

AUGUST 8, 2020 – Area Home Inspector Brian Schofield is a happy and lucky man. His wife Donna survived a brutal case of COVID 19 that most people would have succumbed to.

The registered nurse survived and now faces a long recovery, but for today she gets to be with her husband.

They wrote on social media today:

My wife Donna came home from hospital yesterday after having contracted Covid-19 in late march. She got this horrible disease while working, she is a registered nurse. This is her message.
I’m coming home
I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home!

After 23 days of intubation
29 days on the ventilator
4 more days in Ottawa ICU
Total 45 days
Then transfer to Cornwall ICU
4 days in ICU
16 days on the floor

Transfer to Rehab Alexandria
56 days


What did I accomplish?
I had to learn how to talk, swallow, eat , write, stand, walk, as well as trying to regain my short term memory! All of this because of getting the Covid Virus.

So those of you think this virus is like the flu!! Pray that you don’t get it! Use a mask ,wash your hands and practice social distancing it is easier to cope with compared to the flu!!

Stay safe!

CFN learned of this case a few months ago and broke the story that people needing an ICU in Cornwall were shipped to Ottawa which made it brutal on families, especially if they too were touched by COVID.

Far too many are taking COVID too lightly and sadly Paul Roumeliotis of Eastern Ontario Health Unit has not put out firm guidelines regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing.

There is zero health reasons to not wear a mask other than if you have facial burns. They don’t reduce your oxygen; they don’t cause any medical issues.

Sadly lame arguments based on social media memes and false information have led to a wishy washy mess where it’s truly not safe to shop when stores allow people to come in without masks or even worse, wear masks, but pulled down under their noses and sometimes even mouths.

CFN asked Mr. Schofield how he felt when he saw people wearing no mask or their masks under their noses after your experience?

Frustrated and angry. I try to educate, most people seem to react with surprise and then say I didn’t know of anyone that got sick with covid-19, I guess it’s real. I think the present rules would work but they need to be enforced.

Brian Schofield

In the end Mr. Schofield shared about where they are today:

I am extremely happy. There is still a lot of work for Donna to do. She still has a ways to go with physiotherapy. She is stick using a walker and wheelchair right now, and we don’t know yet how that will come out. So more work at physio and visits to a neurologist.

Brian Schofield

CFN wishes Mrs. Schofield a speedy rehabilitation and good health and joy to the entire Schofield family.

Please everyone, we all need to work together to get the best results during this pandemic. If we have few cases the only way to keep our numbers low is to wear a mask, social distance, and practice good hygiene.

And we need stores, workplaces, and our health officials to enforce clear rules for all of our safety and so that we can move our economy forward while being as safe as possible, and everyone that works or uses a service should feel as safe as possible.

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