Cornwall City Councilor MAURICE DUPELLE Contaminates INDOOR ATM Without a Face Mask

AUGUST 11, 2020 – This is one of the reasons why so many don’t feel safe shopping in Cornwall Ontario.

This writer, like many seniors, likes to do their errands early in the morning with the hope of avoiding #covidiots and special people that like to wear their masks under their noses.

With the EOHU not enforcing its own masking mandate Cornwall sadly is seeing more abuse and less protection of its community. Cashiers in local retail stores have even been told to not confront people not wearing masks properly, or at all!

This morning this writer attended the YOUR CREDIT UNION ATM on 2nd East. It is an indoor ATM only with the branch closed for COVID.

I got out of my vehicle and saw a man enter the kiosk ahead of me without a mask. He was driving a green Mitsubishi Outlander. As he exited I challenged him about not wearing a mask as I tend to do with #maskholes and #covidiots and lo and behold it was Maurice DuPelle who essentially shrugged his shoulders and sped off.

The scofflaw councilor had reached over the machine to do his business. It’s known that Covid can last hours on surfaces such as an ATM.

I held my breath, even with a mask on and then sanitized myself while leaving, but nobody should be put at undue risk. And sadly, until the bank does it’s clean up this morning many will be at risk using that machine as the bank does not provide any sanitizer at the ATM which they probably should.

It also begs the question that if Mr. Dupelle would so brazenly expose to the public and not observe such basic practice of using a mask in an indoor space how is he interacting with city officials, staff, and in his day job that includes those vulnerable to COVID?


  1. This does not surprise me, This is the perfect example of what psychologist refer to as exceptional: they have grandiose thinking They have special standing (in their minds) hence they can bend the rules, however people like this have to be cognizant not to step out of their skill set, otherwise it can place people at risk,,,,,

  2. Shame on you Maurice you should know better especially you working in health care

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  4. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  5. If a councilor is not following the law, he should be removed from office. He should be setting a good example to begin with.

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