Types Of Slot Machine Games and Their History

Slot machine games vary from one casino to the other offering various types of slot machine games for all the gamers. Thus, the slots might not be the same for all the gambling rooms all over the globe and gamblers should know what may be different. There are a lot of variations of slot machines including classic and video machines. Additionally, machines provide different denomination of the coins from the penny slots games, and to the slot machines with high minimum wager Machines in their turn differ in appearance, symbols, payoffs etc. The symbols that come out on the wheels come out according to the RNG. In accordance with almost all states’ regulations the slot machines are to pay out a particular rate of the money inserted for the whole period of the presence of the slot machine. The percent may be 75-92%.

Probably the most crucial distinction in all the types of slot machine games is the appearance and the symbols used in slot machine games. One more difference is the presence of the lever arm which named the machine ‘one-arm bandit’. Today’s slot machines and the Internet machines are all equipped with a PC monitor and have bars in the place of lever arms.

Furthermore, the regular slot machine games are the 3-reeled ones where the only possible combination is of three symbols on the barrels. Whereas the five reeled slots provide a lot of different patterns.

One more difference is the sum of money you may wager min and maximum. Traditional mechanic types of slot machine games offer 5 different payout combinations. In case the player gets a winning pattern on one or more of the lines, he wins. As A Rule, the more gamblers wager, the more players will win. Some 5 barrel machines provide betting on 20 or even 25 different lines. As to gamble the progressive slot machine with huge jackpots, the gamer should bet additionally at the progressive mark. All the progressive games display the sum of the pot in a small screen besides the main monitor. All the slot machines can be progressive ones.

Slot’s History

The first slot machines according to the slot’s history were designed in 1891 in Brooklyn. The initial symbols were cards and the payoffs have been in accordance with poker hands. The first in the slots history machines had 5 barrels with 50 numbers on them. The original machines didn’t pay off coins, instead gifts were stuff from the place where the slot machine was placed. The gamer put into a nickel and pulled the lever. Usually, a Ten of Spades and the Jack were taken from the deck and so the gamer odds decreased.

The Liberty Bell, the slot machine as players know it now was designed by Charles Frey in 1899. These machines were with 3 barrels and had 5 numbers diamonds, hearts, spades, horse shoes, Liberty Bell. The machine had enabled Fey to make the automatic payoff system. Three bells in a row won a jackpot of 10 nickels.

An amazing fact about the sl history is that later on, the Bell Fruit ent. made the slots with images of fruits which represented the prizes of gums with different flavors. The bonus image of the BAR had been the logo of this company.

The mechanic slots machines were made by Bally Manufacturing in 1964 and had been called the Money Honey. The slots machine game of that period of the slots history was with higher pots and multiple coins. After, the slot machines were equipped with music and lights.

Slot machine games became very popular once in the 1970’s the Dollar Slot Machine was made and the slot games were offered by most of the gambling rooms.

The video poker machine had been introduced in 1980 that began a new era in the slots history. The players now were not able to watch the reels turning and at the beginning they could not believe this game. Nevertheless, soon the slot games became extremely popular and now are featured in all the online casino sites. As there is a huge competition between online slot developers, they try to create new games with special and unusual features to impress online gamblers. At the same time, the more games are created, the bigger is the range of review sites, where you can read about your favourite game and try demo play of Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds or China Shores free slots among many others.

The main steps in slots history development were:

  1. From the 1990s slots began accepting bills, so the gamers had more hours playing.
  1. Bally Gaming introduced multiple slot machine games in 1992.
  1. Soon the bonus option was introduced and the players had a chance to receive bonus rolls and win the jackpot.

In modern casinos, there may be cashless slot machines with tickets with money on them and the touch screen slots with easy help features. Nowadays the slots games are very popular providing more new features and bonuses. With the invention of the Internet variant more gamers got access to the game and got the opportunity to win a lot. The slot machine gambling is becoming more and more popular daily winning the attention of lots of gamblers and starting a new era of the slots history