3 Things To Do While In Cornwall, Ontario

If you’re travelling around eastern Ontario, or if you’re in New York and you fancy going a little further north into Canada – don’t tell them, but we don’t blame you! – you’ll probably run into the city of Cornwall. This is one of the best cities in Ontario, situated right in the heart of where Quebec, Ontario and New York converge.

Although the city itself can be seen as quaint and a little understated, there are so many fun things to do in Cornwall for those who are looking to visit. These include unique historical attractions – Cornwall is actually the oldest settlement in Canada – beautiful restaurants, vast parks and a number of seasonal events that will undoubtedly make your trip worth it if you time it just right.

After all, why should people only talk about Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal when they talk about Canada? You can get just as much out of cities like this, so we’re going to stick up for the underdog!

But what exactly are these attractions, and what should you prioritise if you are here for only a few days? Well, to help you out, we’ve compiled just three fun things you could do while you’re on your trip:

Catch A Rugby Game

Yes, you’re in Canada, so you’re going to have to watch some hockey. It’s kind of the law. But hockey isn’t the only sport in Canada – shock horror! In fact, across the country, the rugby scene is blossoming, with a number of teams in Cornwall and around Ontario providing a spectacle for fans every week.

Canada, as a country, is building up to host the RWC in 2031, and there’s nothing better than catching a game and feeling that buzz with all the fans and punters – especially if you are impartial and are just looking for a good show. In terms of punters, however, don’t take a bet. Seriously. You’re not familiar with the teams. You’d be better off placing the odds in your favour at an Ontario casino. At least then, the winnings would be in your hands and not in the hands of a burly rugby player with an egg-shaped ball in his hands!

Cycle Around Guindon Park

Guindon Park is one of the most beautiful spaces you can find in Cornwall. It is a beautiful 500-acre greenspace that winds around mystical forests and gorgeous streams, as well as an ice-clear lake that is often used for kayaking or canoeing.

As well as parks like this, there is also Gray’s Creek Conservation Area, just a few minutes from downtown Cornwall, which has a number of stunning hiking trails and some of the most beautiful wildlife in Canada. It also doubles up as a glorious winter wonderland if it gets cold enough in the winter – which, let’s face it, it will. This is Canada, after all!

Discover History Across The City

Speaking of wildlife conservation, Cornwall, Ontario, has also done a great job in preserving all of its artefacts and stories from ancient villages. Remember we told you that this is one of the oldest settlements in Canada? Well, you can see that for yourself in places like The Lost Villages Museum, where you can go on a tour of old, preserved hamlets entirely for free.

Here you can see the old stores, the church, the schoolhouse, as well as an old train station and a number of other structures. As well as this, there’s also St Raphael’s Roman Catholic Church, which is one of the national historic sites in Canada. While the church is now in ruins, the outer wall still remains, and it is a great place to explore and get a feel for the history.


History, sport, nature, wildlife. These are just some of the things you can get up to in Cornwall, Ontario. There’s nothing stopping you from trying somewhere a bit different, after all. And Canada has always been about adventure!