Did CPS Chief Spowart Go on Leave to Avoid Firing? Civil War in Cornwall Police Service. By Jamie Gilcig

June 12, 2023 – You know when your private line starts to ring that a story is starting to explode in the media biz.

For over a year now, since CFN broke the story about CPS Chief Spowart’s fat foot resulting into a free pass on Stunt Driving on Highway 138, rumblings of further chicanery has been coming into our inbox.

Recently the Police Union in Cornwall sanctioned a special report canvassing its members regarding their opinions on the Chief, upper management, and the Service overall.

The report was ugly, but the deepest abyss appear to be squarely leveled on the Chief. One party alleged that by going on leave she basically could end up with 70% of her pay instead of simply being released which allegedly has led to the Cornwall Police Board’s chair resigning as well as it’s secretary.

The report was leaked to CFN (and apparently other media) and while not long, is truly stunning.

The report was based on findings from 121 of 155 Members or 78%.

Comments are from the report.

65% of those that responded stated that they have either looked for, or have considered looking for new employment.

According to Chief Spowart approximately 40% of staff currently are not available which also is a negative sign.

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