The Best Replacement Window Buying Guide

When purchasing replacement windows, homeowners must keep several factors in mind when making their selection: cost, energy efficiency, warranty and installation.

Pella offers several replacement window product lines designed to meet specific homeowner needs. In this article, we will explore these various product lines and their features. Replacement windows reviews provide additional insight into the options available, enabling homeowners to make the best purchasing decision for their individual needs.


Replacement window costs depend on many variables, including frame material (vinyl, fiberglass and wood), style/size requirements and brand preferences as well as installation fees and warranties.

If you are installing new windows in existing spaces, replacement units must fit snugly and can be designed without disturbing exterior siding or window trim, adding to project costs. Furthermore, not all home warranty plans provide coverage against damage related to windows and may exclude coverage in certain circumstances.

Home improvement costs should always be written down, to prevent miscommunication or unmet expectations between you and your contractor. Most companies offer contracts which outline estimated service fees as well as products to be installed; many even provide window warranties which protect against product-related damage for an agreed-upon period. Read over all contract fine print carefully!

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient windows are an invaluable investment that will save homeowners money on energy costs over time and increase property values while decreasing carbon footprint.

Cost of energy efficient replacement windows will depend on the type of window chosen and size of your home; however, most consumers should expect to spend under $2,000 for double-pane energy-efficient windows.

Replace aluminum-frame windows with vinyl, fiberglass or wood frames to save on utility costs while making your home more comfortable. Energy efficiency depends on frame material as well as whether or not insulation is provided in each window frame.

Insulated windows typically consist of double or triple pane windows filled with inert gases like argon or krypton to keep heat inside your house and prevent it from escaping through windows. Over time, however, this gas may deplete and it may need replacing; any related replacement costs should be covered under your window warranty.


Homeowners looking for replacement windows have many choices when selecting new construction or replacement windows, such as frame materials, operational designs and aesthetic designs. Homeowners can select wood, vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass windows. Each material offers distinct characteristics so it is important that homeowners understand these differences before making a selection decision. Likewise, selecting a manufacturer who offers warranties for both their products and installation ensures you can quickly get it repaired should something go wrong with installation or product.

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors stands behind their vinyl products with a lifetime guarantee, giving homeowners peace of mind knowing that they are investing in high quality windows that will stand the test of time. Their product website specifically mentions this warranty so buyers know they are getting windows of great value that will stand up over time.


Investing in new windows is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add value and enhance curb appeal to your home. Just make sure that they fit the style of your house as well as function accordingly.

Consider whether or not you are replacing existing windows, or adding them as part of a remodel project when choosing your window types. Windows with nailing flanges (commonly referred to as replacement windows) are designed specifically for easy installation into existing frames, saving both time and money by expediting installation process.

Ask your contractor or window dealer for recommendations of local window installers with experience installing the type of windows you’re considering. It is wise to get any contract in writing to better understand costs and materials used – this will prevent surprises or unmet expectations later. Furthermore, always request written warranties.

Excellent reputation of Canadian Choice Windows & Doors as a reliable window company in Canada, speaks for itself. Installation of their windows is simple and efficient with minimal disruption to your daily routine.