Dawn Ford – Back After Accident – Rehab in Cornwall Ontario Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford

NOVEMBER 19, 2023 – It has been awhile since I wrote a column. In early April I had an accident and after a stay in the Cornwall Community Hospital, I spent several months in St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Rehab Unit. The staff at both CCH and the Rehab Unit were caring and supportive. I am grateful for all their wonderful help. Thank you all so much.

I am also very grateful for the Phillips Lifeline I was wearing at the time of the accident. They helped me right away and sent the paramedics. It is a lifeline for sure.

A snowbird relative in Florida sent me this photo of a Silver Bismarck palm tree. I have seen many palm trees but I don’t remember seeing one quite like this one. Would be fun to paint for sure.

Limericks are fun:

“An elephant slept in his bunk,

And in slumber his chest rose and sunk.

He snored- how he snored!

All the other beasts roared

So his wife tied a knot in his trunk.”

Centre 105’s Winter newsletter is announcing their Christmas concert on Sunday December 10thth at 2pm. It will feature Church choirs and the Centennial Choir of Cornwall. Following the concert, a reception will be held in the Main Hall with hot chocolate and treats. You can even have your photo taken with Santa. No tickets are required. Financial donations will be gratefully accepted.

Centre 105 is opened Mondays , Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 to 12 noon. It offers a free breakfast, a safe place to socialize, a laundry program, referrals to other programs, nurse visits, an addiction counsellor, housing program visits and Pastoral counselling.

For information on Centre 105 call 343-585-4360. Email at www.centre105.ca

A friend sent me this photo of a Friendly Cornwall sign. Another told me that it is probably about 1950 by the looks of the older car.


A few cute jokes from a friend:

1) Why was Cinderella so bad at soccer?

She kept running away from the ball.

2) I ordered a chicken and an egg on-line.

I’ll let you know which comes first.

3) Why can’t you trust the King of the jungle?

Because he keeps Lion.

Have a good week, Dawn.