Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Happy St. Patrick’s Day & PAWS

MARCH 11, 2024 – A well known Paramedic celebrated his birthday recently – Randy Lalonde. I worked some years ago with Randy at MCH before he left to become a Paramedic. He was always supportive and helpful to our residents…and lots of fun as well. Happy Happy Birthday Randy.


PAWS is an organization which provides Hearing Dogs for the hard of hearing and deaf. The dogs assist by physically alerting their partner to common sounds such as a smoke alarm, doorbell, alarm clock, telephone ring or a child’s cry according to their web site. They also are trained to perform tasks related to a seizure disorder or physical disability.

For information on qualifications, what to expect, to request applications which are opened Until march 29th, 2024 or donate online please go to their website or call 1-905-842-2891 .

Happy Birthday?

Limericks s are always fun:

” A wonderful bird is the Pelican.

His bill holds more than his belican.

He can take in his beek

Enough food for a week.

But I’m damn if I know how the helican.”

I found this old clipping of the pool years ago in the Central Park, now named Horovitz Park on Sidney Street. Brought back lots of memories of the old days. Girls could swim in the mornings and boys in the afternoons. The next week it was reversed . After a good swim and lots of fun, we would lay on our towels on the grass and sunbathe. There was a big bandstand there also with beautiful gingerbread moulding decorating it. Sometimes we would lay on it to get out of the sun. In the park was hot dog stand run by Mr. Pectus. My brother Ed worked there some summers and he said Mr. Pectus was a great guy. We enjoyed our treats from the stand also. Ahh, those were the days.

Every spring it is hard to know what to watcht on TV re: sports. Now we have curling, football, soccer, basketball ,hockey, winter sports such as skating and skiing among others and…Spring Training baseball.. Lots of fun!!

A friend sent a few funny lines:

Things that used to hurt my back: jumping off of garages, crashing my bike, falling out of a tree, diving in the shallow end and contact sports.

Now things that hurt my back: sneezing, washing the dishes, brushing my teeth, tying my shoes and rolling over in bed.