Cornwall Public Library and Cornwall and Regional Writer’s Society Awards

The third annual awards were handed out tonight at The Cornwall Public Library.  Presenting the awards was Brenda Wilson, Head of Young Adult & Children’ s Fiction. Lorna Foreman won for Children’s Fiction.   Melissa Kwan-Inness Honorary mention for Poetry.  Poetry went to Carol Goodard.   Honorary Fiction to Suzanne Bolduc, and Fiction to Khadijah Vakily.   Awards […]

It was COLD this morning at The Farmer’s Market

Good thing Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee was there as his hot brew was just the ticket; especially with a hot chocolate donut from Riley’s Bakery across the street on Pitt this morning!   People think I go for the culture and community; for the artistic displays and general good buzz. Nope.  I go for the […]

Basketball Diaries Author JIM CARROLL Dead at 60

L I N K “There ain’t much time left, you’re born out of this insane abyss and you’re going to fall back into it, so while you’re alive, you might as well show your bare ass,” Carroll told Rolling Stone at the time.” Carroll’s Autobiography, The Basketball Diaries, was made into a movie starring Leonardo […]

Newspaper News Not All Bad

Yes, it’s getting harder to run a print newspaper in this economy especially as most people  reach to the net to get their news, but there’s still a reason and purpose and place for print  Newspapers.   I hope the day never comes when they become extinct. I was glad to see a new one start […]

Capitilism is Evil – Michael Moore Flick coming out soon.

Ok, the burn of seeing something I created lose the Oscar to Mr. Moore is cooling.   Michael Moore is probably the most successful documentary filmmaker in history so I’m going to show his new flick some love.  If you’re ever going to lose, lose to the best. 🙂 Here’s the new Teaser on You Tube. […]

Pow Wow Update and How to get your FREE TICKETS!

One week to go to the 2009 Akwesasne POW WOW The Standard Freeholder printed a nice story Friday L I N K “The 9th annual Akwesasne International Powwow will highlight a collection of astonishing native dancers, drummers and artisans from the region in a two-day event meant for one and all. “This is an invitation […]

Bought any Magazines Lately?

Bought any Magazines Lately?

Magazine sales continue to drop from the big names to the obscure ones people just don’t seem to want to shell out for magazines anymore.   L I N K Check out the list and see if your favorite is there. 1. Cosmopolitan – 1,616,908 (down 7.8 percent) 2. People – 1,319,350 (down 12.77 percent) 3. […]

So I was Talking with Dennis Carr….

So I was talking with Cornwall City Councilor Dennis Carr last week, who btw, is a great guy to talk to, especially if you are talking about Cornwall and its future, or Golf. The man has vision as we poured over some of the plans on his desk.    It’s not easy to be part of […]

Rock The Vote! This Sunday at Murphy’s Inn

Jason Setnyk from The Cornwall Underground and our occasional writer/photog sent in this release and the images.  See you all at Murphy’s Inn on Sunday! This Sunday August 23rd at Murphy’s Inn marks the sixth annual Rock the Vote, a concert that promotes voting to a younger demographic. “Civic responsibilities like voting, volunteering in the […]

4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad – Amazon Kindles George Orwell

Amazon got into hot water recently by removing George Orwell titles such as 1984 and Animal Farm from its Kindle E-Readers. L I N K Amazon offers Kindle E-Readers which allow you to download and read books.   However their service chose to eliminate the Orwell titles and refund their purchasers. “As long as Amazon maintains […]