New Super Bug Migrating from India and Pakistan to the UK and now in North America – Cornwall Ontario – August 12, 2010

Cornwall ON – If Fall is coming there has to be this year’s untreatable Super Bug that should have us all trembling and sure enough there are reports of new bugs that are resistant to drugs we currently have. LINK “Because of medical tourism and international travel in general, resistance to these types of bacteria has […]

Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – We need to make Governments more accountable for Healthcare – Cornwall Ontario – July 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – I don’t know why so many people don’t think about our healthcare system until it’s too late.  Either they or someone they love are the victim of the short comings and decline of Medicare. I firmly stand on the opinion that we are not being well served by our service.  It’s not […]

Nancy Munro chops her hair and raises over $3000 for Cancer at Schnitzels ! Cornwall Ontario – July 24, 2010 VIDEO

Cornwall ON – It’s amazing how communities can pull together so quickly for a good cause.  What started out as a good idea that was going to happen in a basement turned into a warm and happy event at one of the hottest spots in town filled to capacity; listening to super local music and helping a […]

Nancy Munro getting a hair cut for a good cause! July 23,2010 6PM at Schnitzels in Cornwall Ontario by Jason Setnyk

Cornwall ON – Nancy Munro will be getting a haircut, but not at the hair salon or barber shop. On the night of Friday July 23rd Munro will be at Schnitzels (158 Pitt Street in Cornwall) from 6pm to 10pm for a very special cut. “I’ll be getting a few years worth of locks chopped […]

Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – WILD PARSNIP – Cornwall Ontario – July 19, 2010

Cornwall ON – Giant Hogweed which is big news these days has a relative plant which is prominent in our own backyards.  Firstly, it is hoped that this information will help the general public identify the plant, especially the children who may decide it is a nice specimen to bring home for mommy.  Secondly, that […]

Giant Hogweed Danger for Eastern Ontario – EOHU Health Warning – Cornwall – July 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – Giant Hogweed, a toxic plant that can burn and cause permanent blindness, is raising concern all over the country. Recent confirmed findings within the Five Eastern Counties have the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) warning residents to be on the lookout. Originally from Asia, Giant Hogweed can grow 15 to 20 feet […]

ROGER SAUVÉ – Life Trends – Facts And Figures That Matter to You – I did it – The 720 KM Great Waterfront Trail Cycling Adventure

Cornwall ON – According to Statistics Canada, about half a million Canadians actively participate in cycling as a sport. I have now become one of them. Many more cycle to work. Cycling is now the fourth most popular non-team sport in the country. Of those who actively participate (you have to sweat to qualify) in […]

Cornwall Ontario Reacts to Heat Wave – Opens Civic Complex and Free Swimming to Cool Everyone Down – July 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – Throughout today (July 6m 2010), City of Cornwall staff have been in discussions and on conference calls with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit (EOHU) regarding the current high temperatures and in particular, the high humidex level.  Due to the forecast for the next 48 hours and for health and safety purposes, the […]

Volunteer Caregivers Vital for Overburdened Long Term Health Care by Kevin Lamoureaux – Cornwall Ontario – July 3, 2010

Volunteer Caregivers Vital for Overburdened Long Term Health Care CORNWALL, ON – A remarkable group of citizens were recognized recently at an awards ceremony at the Ramada Inn in Cornwall, for the unique and compelling ways they care for those who are chronically ill and in need of home care support. The Champlain Community Care […]

Cornwall Ontario City Council Votes to Initiate Meeting with Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews over Funding Shortages – June 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – City Council got jiggy with the hospital funding issue in a special meeting Tuesday afternoon.   I can understand the anger of many of the councilors.  With Surgeries being cancelled due to funding issues; doctors leaving, threatening to leave, or just lower morale, Cornwall has done a lot to really shine when […]

Uh Oh SpaghettiOs – Campbell’s RECALLS 15,000,000 Pounds over Meatball Temperature Issues – June 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – Uh oh, Spaghetti Os.  Campbell’s long time staple for kids of all ages have had to recall 15,000,000 million pounds after a cooker apparently wasn’t heating the meatballs to the safe temperature. Campbell Soup Supply Company, LLC, a Paris, Texas, establishment is recalling approximately 15,000,000 pounds of “SpaghettiOs with Meatballs” canned products […]

Cornwall Ontario City Councilors Syd Gardiner & Andre Rivette Not Happy with Hospital Cuts on Elective Surgeries – June 17, 2010

Cornwall ON – When you vote to spend thousands of dollars to attract new doctors to come to your city it can be frustrating when red tape cuts budgets that end up having doctors leave. That’s exactly what has Cornwall City Councilors Andre Rivette and Syd Gardiner upset as you’ll see in the videos. httpv:// […]

Canadian Medicare on the Ropes – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – June 2, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I love reading about our Medicare system in Canada from outside sources.   It’s interesting to see other perspectives. LINK Canada, fretting over budget strains, wants to prune its system, while the United States, worrying about an army of uninsured, aims to create a state-backed safety net. Healthcare in Canada is delivered through a […]