War Amps Celebrates 100th Anniversary 110618

Toronto, ON - February 25, 2017: Rob Larman, a leg amputee, and Tiffany Ross, a left arm amputee and member of The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program, lay a rose at the grave of Curley Christian, who lost all four limbs in the Vimy Ridge Battle, at Prospect Cemetery in Toronto, ON, Canada. (Photo by John E. Sokolowski/WarAmps)

As Remembrance Day approaches, I would like to pay tribute to the amputee veterans who founded The War Amps, which marks its 100th anniversary this year. On returning from the First World War, they came together to help each other adapt to their new reality. They then welcomed the next generation of amputee veterans following the Second World War, creating… Continue reading War Amps Celebrates 100th Anniversary 110618

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