April is Daffodil month for the Canadian Cancer Society. Please buy and wear the Daffodil which helps fund their research, support and advocacy programs. Call 613- 932-1283 in Cornwall for more information. The Canadian Cancer Society would probably be grateful for volunteers also. Here is an old photo from theContinue Reading

  CORNWALL ONTARIO – The September 2017 issue of the Good Times magazine has two short but very informative articles as well as other very interesting ones. “Stroke Strategy Dents Dementia” states that Ontario’s stroke prevention strategy ( since yr. 2000) found an unexpected drop of 15.4 % in newContinue Reading

I have a 43-year-old teacher volunteering on my campaign for a national dementia plan because, astonishingly, Matt’s wife who is 45 is already in secure, long-term care with the illness (Frontotemporal dementia, FTD) . They have three children – 14, 12 and 10. About 15 per cent of the 750,000Continue Reading