CORNWALL Ontario – That pretty picture above is actually a slide of cancer cells.   For nearly three years CFN has been trying to glean information about Cancer rates in Cornwall Ontario to only be met with roadblocks and a total lack of disclosure and information by the very agenciesContinue Reading

CFN– Freeholder Hugo Rodrigues is spouting off about Water Meters for Cornwall in a recent editorial.   Frankly I’m not sure Mr. Rodrigues even lives in Cornwall.  The Poobah from the Canadian Association of Journalists was dropped in to helm the newspaper for Sun Media and after helping improve theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – What is wrong with this city that I live in?   Cornwall City Council just agreed to take over $4M from taxpayers and send it over to some of the largest and richest companies operating in Canada; many of whom are not even Canadian. $4.5M tax breakContinue Reading