Disciplinary Hearings   Name:                  Sergeant Shawn MartelleCharges:             – Neglect of Duty (11 Counts) – Discreditable Conduct (5 Counts) –  Deceit (2 Counts) Date:                    January 23, 2018 at 8:30 a.m.  Location:             By way of an electronic hearing.  Continue Reading

  Cornwall Ontario – These lovely sunny days remind me of some camping trips with the Trinity Church Girl Guide Company. Here is a photo from 1956 when we were camping in Plattsburg, NY. From left to right: Frances Glass- Irwin, behind her is Bev Heward, me.. stirring a potContinue Reading

  Great news for anyone needing a hearing aid. Davidson Hearing Centers are offering rentals. There are three different levels and monthly fees. Good Performance Hearing Aids cost $59 monthly, Better Performance $79 monthly and the Best Performance $95 monthly. Included in the rental fee are batteries, repairs, office visits,Continue Reading