CORNWALL ONTARIO – Hydro will be THE election issue in Ontario.   With Premier Wynne fighting for her political life she’s blinked first and reacted to the NDP’s strong first blow. The day after leader Andrea Horwath outlined plans to even out the playing field hydro wise, Ms Wynne announcedContinue Reading

Province Partners with Evotech Industrial Coatings to Help Create Jobs The province’s partnership with Evotech Industrial Coatings has helped relocate its manufacturing operations to Ontario and expand its business, creating 20 new jobs in Cornwall. Evotech Industrial Coatings is a leading manufacturer of industrial coatings used in a variety ofContinue Reading

Re:  Feds monitoring weak economy, could take action as early as fall: Morneau, The Canadian Press, September 26, 2016 Our Bank of Canada does not have vaults filled with electronic cash. As remarkable as it may seem, the Bank (owned 100% by the federal government) simply creates money wheneverContinue Reading

Looking for Work? New Career? Immediate Hiring? Direct Interview? DO NOT MISS JOBS CANADA Meet face to face with recruiters, HR Managers and hiring companies from TD Canada, Scotiabank, ADT, CIBC Bank, BTB Bank, The Government of Canada, Statistics Canada, Public Services Commissions of Canada, Ford, MacDonald, RBC Royal Bank,Continue Reading