Cornwall Ontario – Councilor Maurice Dupelle is fuming after his motion was sabotaged in tonight’s agenda.    The councilor put forward the position that members of council should have more time and access to the agenda prior to a meeting if they were to be able to make some ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s frustrating being a rookie councilor in this insane group of elected officials this term in Cornwall Ontario.   While I do not always agree with Councilor Maurice Dupelle’s decisions I don’t think anyone can repute that he’s not the hardest working councilor this term. He stillContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Cornwall City Council debated and voted on whether council should be given agendas further in advance.  For all of this scribblers time on CFN councilors have complained about not having enough time to go over reports and data before being asked to make important decisions. Councilor MauriceContinue Reading