Cornwall Ontario – One of the areas most successful agri businesses is closing after nearly 30 years of being in business. From its mill in Berwick Homestead Organics expanded into the facility in Morrisburg and at their peak employed over 25.  18 people will lose their employment. Our 25th AnniversaryContinue Reading

TORONTO, ONTARIO  (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yorkshire Valley Farms is pleased to announce it is a National Champion for Canada’s organic week this year. Yorkshire Valley Farms also manages over 2000 acres of organic crops, which go into the birds’ organic, non-GMO, all grain feed. Organic week is the largest annual celebrationContinue Reading

CFN –  Tom Manley and Homestead Organics hosted a delegation of eight agricultural advisors and directors from the Thailand. . The officials from the Division of Soil Biotechnology, Land Development Department of the Thailand Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives have a responsibility to enhance soil fertility and agricultural productivity. They haveContinue Reading