Cornwall Ontario – After living here in the River City for fourteen years I still get mystified at the tragic load of cow poop that some perpetrate on the public? Sadly because of a culture of exclusion and bullying, I call it the “Ed Lumley” factor, it leads to theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Cornwall City Council let it’s 36 year old public art gallery die.   It’s funding cut off to ZERO with many stating that it was dirty politics because of councilors like David Murphy & Bernadette Clement, along with Carilyne Hebert and Elaine MacDonald who actually broke the lawContinue Reading

So I have a friend who is an amazing grower.   He has a maple sugar bush and grows many strains of amazing Organic Garlic. He called asking if I was going to be at the fest Sunday.    I said nope.  I would be catching up on house work,Continue Reading