A lot of good people have been hurt this year trying to save the City of Cornwall’s public art gallery.   From years of historic corruption, poor governance, and a lack of support in a community that is very very weak artistically the final insults to decency were delivered thisContinue Reading

(South Dundas Mayor Evonne Delegarde with the Brittons) Morrisburg – In an impressive display of community support, the Fundraiser for the Morrisburg Animal Rescue raised twice their target. Ethel and Bill Britton were the centre of attention at the fundraiser at the Royal Canadian Legion in Morrisburg yesterday. After their barnContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – A simple first paragraph of  a news story has set off a fire storm of controversy between South Stormont Mayor Jim Bancroft and his council and the Standard Freeholder. “A need to set aside money for reserves to help pay for future projects is driving a 12.2%Continue Reading