WORKPLACE RETALIATION HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF 1. If you have a professional organization which offers legal protection join now. Without RNAO I would have been financially destroyed very early in the process. 2. Check your facts from all sources i.e., review the files, speak with police, the Ministry review policiesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It would be interesting to have a review done of Judge Rick Leroy’s transcripts for the Diane Shay case as well as the conflict of interest case brought against Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and councilors Elaine Macdonald and Carilyne Hebert who sat on the board of a groupContinue Reading

The lady doth protest too much, methinks For a man that to my knowledge has never set foot in Cornwall’s public Art Gallery, Standard Freeholder Editor Hugo Rodrigues sure likes to write about it. He writes about the gallery far more than say…..the shady Harbor Front deal, or how BigContinue Reading