Cornwall Ontario – Eastern Ontario is about to get a whupping from Mother Nature including TORNADO warnings in the Newington and Winchester areas nearby. Please use caution and do not wear tin foil hats until the all clear is given or the zappy thing ports you safely to Nurbital. WeContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Sinkholes, hail, and now possible Tornados.  Just your average Summer day in 2017 Eastern Ontario. Our current sunshine will see clouds and rail start later this afternoon and early evening. Very little rain is expected Monday night.  Thursday through the weekend are looking to be wet. TemperaturesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s 33c at CFN central in downtown Cornwall as of 4:55PM.  Environment Canada has issued a Thunderstorm alert from Morrisburg to the Quebec border and as far north as Maxville and Alexandria. A CFN viewer sent in the following from the Alexandria area : Jamie: a friendContinue Reading