Diane Shay Lawyer Fay Brunning in Cornwall Ontario to Address Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Meeting – April 11, 2012

Diane Shay Lawyer Fay Brunning in Cornwall Ontario to Address Registered Nurses Association of Ontario Meeting – April 11, 2012

CFN –  Cornwall Ontario’s CAO Paul Fitzpatrick’s fave Lawyer, Fay Brunning was in town to speak at a local meeting of the Registered Nurses  Association of Ontario meeting at a local eatery.

The topic?  Elder Abuse and the challenges nurses have to deal with especially when their oaths and duties to their patients can potentially come into conflict with that of their employers.

Always an interesting comment from Ms Brunning.

Video Interview from April 11, 2012

Ms Brunning had an article appear in the RNAO which we reprinted here on The Cornwall Free News  LINK  where she talked about the Diane Shay case which exposed Cornwall CAO Paul Fitzpatrick’s lying to the media and how difficult whistle blowing can lead to; especially when it’s the person in charge of whistle blowing that’s being punitive.

From her story which was a case of alleged Elder Abuse at the Senior’s home run by the City of Cornwall:

… Shay asked Ontario’s Ministry of Health to appoint an external monitor to provide ongoing whistleblower protection because the City’s chief administrative officer, one of the retaliating managers, misled the public and the media when he was quoted  in print as stating that resident abuse had not been found.  In addition to Lodge management again not recognizing the resident abuse, that statement  also inferred that Shay stirred up a fuss about nothing.

 How big an issue is Elder Abuse becoming and do you think Mr. Fitzpatrick should be held accountable for his role in the Diane Shay and other cases he’s impacted and alleged by city Councilor Andre Rivette to have cost the community $1.4 Million dollars?

You can post your comments below.

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Didn’t they get rid of Fitzpatrick?


Ontario’s population of residents aged 65 and over is projected to more than double by 2036. As this segment of our population continues to increase, reports of elder abuse are skyrocketing. Neglect can be intentional (active) or unintentional (passive) and occurs when a person who has care or custody of a dependent senior fails to meet his/her needs. Forms of neglect include: withholding or inadequate provision of physical requirements, such as food, housing, medicine, clothing or physical aids; inadequate hygiene; inadequate supervision/safety precautions; withholding medical services, including medications; overmedicating; allowing a senior to live in unsanitary or poorly heated conditions;… Read more »

Shirley Barr
Shirley Barr

What stands out in the interview is that the Ontario Nurses Association has a code of conduct that it adheres to which each individual nurse is accountable to. Ms. Brunning stated that they have a moral and ethical obligation to adhere to that code. Therefore Ms. Shay, being a person with integrity, had no other alternative than to report the abuse and to continue to work towards just treatment of the elder otherwise she would have violated her own code of conduct. That being said, how can it be that we have a society where a code of conduct is… Read more »


I totally agree with Ms. Barr. As far as I’m concerned, Ms. Shay did the right thing. She is obviously a caring individual with a conscious; she did what was ethically and morally right. It’s very unfortunate that she was treated in this manner and was a victim of retaliation. As a resident of Cornwall I’m truly disgusted with the inactions from the City of Cornwall. The City did not respect the Residents Bill of Rights and did not follow the proper procedures, instead, chose to keep the situation hidden, punished the person who came forward to report it, and… Read more »

Evelynn Brown, J.D., LL.M

Glad to see Ms. Brunning championing the cause of whistleblowers and the press covering the staggering tax payer waste to protect those who retaliate. My organization commented on this case last year, applauding the Ms. Shay, her lawyer and the press. (Put Canada into the website search engine-4 stories) These same problems occur in the U.S. but there are no human rights law provisions in our law. However, here is an article on one legislators efforts to create new laws after California State University spent 9 Million on a handful of retaliation cases. Total tax payer funds wasted! http://whistlewatch.org/2012/04/california-state-university-fails-to-protect-whistleblowers-who-report-fraud-senator-leland-yee-sponsors-new-whistleblower-bill/ http://whistlewatch.org/2012/04/california-state-university-fails-to-protect-whistleblowers-who-report-fraud-senator-leland-yee-sponsors-new-whistleblower-bill/