SD&G MPP Jim McDonell First Words to CFN Since Being Elected – VIDEO – April 11, 2012

CFN – A small meeting took place at the Ramada Inn this afternoon in Cornwall.   Economic Mucky Muck Mark Boileau, businessman and developer Eric Lange, and a couple other dignitaries joined MPP Jim McDonell in a closed private meeting.

Media were kept 20 minutes late waiting for the doors to open before Mr. McDonell granted a short interview session.

The meeting was aimed at Job Plans for Ontario.   The MPP stated that the only plan for job creation in Ontario seemed to be more casinos when asked about whether he’d support one coming to Cornwall Ontario; the largest city in his riding.

He also went on the attack about Hydro rates, but again, Cornwall is not in the same issue as the rest of the Province as we get our Hydro from Quebec.

The Journal’s Greg Kielec asked the MPP point blank if the poor were helped in the budget to which Mr. McDonell responded that they were in worse shape as their incomes had not gone up.

When asked his greatest accomplishment so far as MPP he stated that he’s brought the highlights to Queen’s Park and created awareness.

MPP Jim McDonell finally speaks to the viewers of The Cornwall Free News

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  1. Today Jim McDonell, tomorrow The World!

  2. Da locum melioribus! (Latin)

    Give way to your betters! (translation)

  3. Yada Yada Yada …a whole lot of nutin’

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