O’Shaughnessy resigns – Does Cornwall Need a Hug? Casinos & Waterfront Development in Cornwall Ontario

CFN – And then there were nine.  Leslie O’Shaughnessy made it official and resigned this afternoon as a councilor for the City of Cornwall.

He spoke with CFN stating the following:

I find it unfortunate to leave Council, but I’ll have more to say on why in the upcoming months.

The City released its own statement through its quasi-news agency:

Leslie O’Shaughnessy has resigned from City Council, effective 1 p.m. today, April 10th, 2012. Mr. O’Shaughnessy delivered a letter of resignation to City Clerk Denise Labelle-Gélinas. 

“On behalf of City Council, I would like to thank Mr. O’Shaughnessy for his efforts in serving the residents of Cornwall,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “Losing a member of City Council is never an easy thing, but in the end, we accept and respect Mr. O’Shaughnessy’s decision.” 

As per the Municipal Act and the City of Cornwall’s Procedural By-Law, City Council will hold a special meeting within the next 60 days to begin the process of filling the vacant Council seat. City Council has two options to fill the vacancy – through a by-election or by appointment. In the case of appointment, the City’s Procedural By-Law states that the seat should be offered to the first non-elected candidate in the last Municipal Election that meets the qualifications to hold office. 

Rumblings at City Hall are that Gerry Samson, the 11th place finisher may have issues with his residency based on his address for the Provincial & Federal elections.

There have also been off the record comments from some at City Hall who simply would prefer not to see the 11th place finisher around the table for over two more years.

One  source on the grounds of being off the record even stated that they hoped that $1.4 Million Dollar Man, CAO Paul Fitzpatrick would come back from sick leave so that he could take the heat for the cost of calling a by-election to keep Samson from being elected.

I spoke briefly with Ms Mary Ann Hug who finished 12th in the 2010 Municipal election and she stated that she’d be happy to serve the people of Cornwall again if the opportunity arouse.

It’d be nice to see more women around the council table as well; maybe loosen things up from the usual tenseness of this session.

Also, the former council championed causes that many voters are more responsive too and her voting record clearly is not as punitive as that of councilors like Elaine MacDonald, Denis Thibault, Denis Carr, and Glen Grant.

Tonight’s session of Council starts at 7 PM.  Hot topic is how to screw over allow the public input on possible waterfront development in Cornwall.

Non agenda topics which should have council buzzing in its pre-open meeting rehearsal and live session will be what to do about the open council seat and buzz created by former Councilor Mark A MacDonald’s suggestion of Cornwall proactively affirming a desire to have a OLG Casino in Cornwall; something the cash strapped Province is considering across Ontario, and something that makes sense as cash floods by Cornwall without stopping on its way to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino facility just over the bridge.

Mr. MacDonald also sent in the following as to what he feels the direction of council should be:

One of the issues that this Council should deal with is the number of people that are elected to Council.

Recent resignation announcements present a good opportunity to start the process to reduce the size of Council.

My personal opinion is that we can get by with 8 Councillors instead of the present number of 10.

So Cornwallites?  Should council be reduced in size?  Personally I think we should move back to a Ward system in this city.    Do you think the city will jam some flim flam sham on Waterfront Development or should it be an item for the public to vote on in the next Municipal election?


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  1. In regards to councils size, I agree with possibly eight in the future but ten is fine as well. Nine is just plain silly because it leaves an opportunity for a split vote 5-5 with the mayors vote.

    Also, I do not personally like ward systems because it eliminates the possibility of the 10 BEST candidates being elected. Ultimately, I want the best 10 in Cornwall to represent Cornwall. Not the best candidate in a section of the city representing the city as whole.

    Ultimately, the best of the best is better in my mind then any other option and the community did elect 10 councillors change should be made prior to the next election and NOT in the middle of a term.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  2. Yeah let’s break the city residents some more with a casino and while we’re at it spend a ridiculous amount of taxpayers money to develop crap on our waterfront. City council is a joke anyways, do as Mark says “we can get by with 8 Councillors instead of the present number of 10” and really we could get by with way less than 8.

  3. Author

    Mike Communism is the best political system in theory. In practice however it’s quite another thing. Do you really think we have the ten best possible people representing us (oops, nine now) on city council? Is the system working here in C Wall? What does each councilor represent? I had a chart that showed that the councilors that spent the most on advertising during the election in Cornwall generally got the most votes. By having a ward system in Cornwall councilors would be forced to help and focus on their areas and it would limit the mass group vote situation that exists now.

    Popularity contests should only be for high school….

  4. To expand on Jamie’s point. The councillors who spend the most money on advertising have it paid for by companies who win 90% of the tenders put forth by the city by questionably close to second lowest bid. But always a few dollars less, with clauses for upcharges after tenders have been awarded. Hmmmmmmmmm?I think there might be some city staffers who are on the payroll as well.

  5. Wow, if that’s the case then they should fire the whole bunch involved! Honesty in city council should start at the top.

  6. The Journal had an article today about expanding the waterfront development from the aquatic center through the parking lot, then through (part, ha!) of the baseball diamonds, and where the old Universal Terminals land were. The clique owns the Waterfront Committee.
    So we have building material salesmen and builders and landowners for whom the city cleaned up their industrial mess as part of a deal with a long ago mayor and has helped fix the same family’s derelict mills not too far away. And the planner Alexander is on board because the major infrastructure will be awarded to his pals who fund the ads of the councillors with the most votes and the cycle continues into another generation of stupidity.
    We must stop this at the public meetings although it has likely all been written down as an informal deal in a downtown restaurant over drink. Lots of drinks for a few of them if ya know what I’m saying. And the clerk likely has the minutes of the in-bar meetings hidden with the bodies somewhere in the counties.

  7. Jamie my point is that one area may have two candidates or more who would make better candidates than that of other areas of this city.

    Ward systems work well when the wards are large enough to ensure a viable candidate; like Toronto but not in a small community like Cornwall.

    I do not think the ten best candidates are on council and it shows by the lack or transperancy, unity and representation. The current council does not truly have good representaion but it does have good politicians.

    Unfortunately their isn’t anyone who is taking up initiatives or inspiring progression. All I see is a defensive group that doesn’t know what to do now that the provincial and federal spending has stopped!

    The lack of direction is clear and the “We are a unified council has begun to crumble under the same leadership and members that promoted itseslf during the last election!” The truth is the core of this council is a duplicate of the last council and their re-election only re-inforced their belief that they were doing great! Although all the signs said otherwise!

    I wish I could bring a different attitude and mindset to the council table but I fear my unwillingness to “surrender” will slow or prevent me from ever being able to make a major difference!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  8. This is easy!
    They should increase sepending for everything I like, and cut spending for everything I don’t like. Problem is, they always want to get ideas from ‘other’ people. Things would be so much easier if I were Ceasar.
    “Fetch me a flagon of wine!”
    “A what of wine????”
    Either way it’s guaranteed to burn taxpayers cash.

  9. @Mike Bedard
    Do you want to be the guy with the most votes or the best cause?
    Because the cause for you is ensuring that your point be clear that the existing system of government here is exclusive, rigged, and that there is a corporate takeover of Cornwall’s waterfront underfoot by interested parties. If you agree with this state it publicly.

  10. Re:Wow!,

    I do not believe that there the system is rigged or that a corporate takeover is underfoot! I do believe that you need that there are certain people who will purposefully and publicly talk about you behind your back but a huge cowards or fake to your face!

    For all I know you could be one of them since you only right comments using a false name! I use my name simpy because I believe what I say and have cause for my comments!

    What do you stand for and what is your cause? All I see is that you are to trash everyone else and you lack a mind of your own! What don’t you present a plausible solution or proof of your comments and accusations! You still haven’t done that once proving that you are more hype then fact!

    I have one question for you: “What is the purpose of your comments?”

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  11. Kilger will not make it through this term (that’s a given), but there is a lot of unfinished business, and one imagines quite a few outstanding favours. And as such, the selection of a successor will have to be a done deal (ie. rigged).

    How convenient to have then, a useless, preening, brown nosing, both sides of the fence candidate ready and waiting… and what with that pimpin’ mayor’s necklace? Well I think we know who it’s going to be.

    (No, despite any resemblance it’s not Mike — there’d just be no added PR mileage from a white male)

  12. @Simon

    That’s funny Son!


    Get over yourself! Nobody against you here. But you do need a solid platform on which to run next time. There’s an anti-Waterfront development group starting already and you could lead the charge against the chronyism of the five families and their stranglehold on the city and the Riviera they want to build with our funding to take care of their families for another three generations. It’s all rigged. If you fail to lead a stong singular platform you recent past in business will crush you next election. Lot’s of hard feelings about you in the city. I give you the benefit of the doubt on that one. There is also a group promoting development from Riverdale to Domtar which make more sense.

    Just saying. Go big. Fencers don’t get in.

    Your Buddy,

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