Earthquake Strikes East End of Cornwall Ontario – Sheep Upset – UFO Cited – Terry Muir Kills Lift Off NOV 28, 2015

Earthquake Strikes East End of Cornwall Ontario – Sheep Upset – UFO Cited – Terry Muir Kills Lift Off  NOV 28, 2015

I apparently slept through a 3.2 Earthquake that rocked the Eastern part of Cornwall.   Social media is stirring with people asking others if they felt the tremblor?

Our region has frequent rumbles, but we have never had a “Big One”.   The 3.2 quake was centered only a few kilometers from Cornwall.  LINK  A 3.2 magnitude quake would be sorta equal to standing too close to Rick Shaver after the VIP tent would close at Lift Off.   The largest quake in recent memory was the 5.0 one that we felt in 2010.

Speaking of Lift Off, Terry Muir announced the final demise to Cornwall’s signature tourism event.

The event which at its peak drew over 50,000 people is done sadly.  Muir took over the chair last year and cancelled the 2015 event and gave it the kill shot to finish it off.  Muir had been a co-founder of Ribfest, ( A greasy over priced mess with really bad cover bands, but has free admission so people think they’re actually getting something for nothing other than potential botulism) and was also a key player in the Santa Clause parade that this year drew controversy over the Legion’s historic role in our event.

You have to wonder what the Kinsmen and City Hall are thinking to allow our event to perish?

Did you feel the earthquake Cornwall?  Any damage?  Post your pics and comments below.




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Good that the quake didn’t happen on the fault line that runs neatly between the Moses-Saunders Dam to the south and leaking Big Ben dump to the north.


When the earthquake hit I thought a car had hit our house.

The KInsmen had pulled out of Lift-Off before the 2015 edition was supposed to take place. The problem with Lift-off, IMHO, was the bands they were bringing in were too good. It`s hard to top yourself when you reach a pinnacle.

Good article Jamie and gave me some good laughs at this end. I do feel some earth tremors here in Ottawa at night but mighty small and we are on quake land. To be totally honest with you Jamie you can look it up for yourself as well as others here on CFN that Cornwall is on quake land. Not only that but look up THE NEW MADRID FAULT LINE and ask google about the Canadian side and believe me dear man and folks that Cornwall would be flooded over by the dam. Here in Ottawa it would be the… Read more »

I hope the sheep are settled down by now. I hate seeing animals in distress.


Jamie, sheep don’t have buttocks. They have rumps. And I’ve always preferred to scratch their ears, except for when the wife was in BC visiting her family for extended periods of time. 🙂


Don’t forget the Gatineau Hills Jules. They are one giant fault line,

Our only hope is that if the dam breaches that the water will flow backwards for a bit. I’m just wondering if we should have a siren alarm at the dam for the chance that the dam does breach? That would give folks a heads up that something is wrong and to evacuate north. The only problem i can see with that is where to get the money for a $80,000 study to see if it’s even needed. Jules and a lot of other folk are right, there is a very good chance that the dam could be compromise when… Read more »
Marc L

I,m off subject but ther was a cyclist run over by a city pickup truck last wendesday or thursday on adolfuss street. But not one local paper has wrote about this accident.What i saw was a young man laying on the road and his bicycle crushed under the city pickup truck.