Freeholder Escapes Latest Post Media Cuts by Jamie Gilcig JAN 19, 2016

Freeholder Escapes Latest Post Media Cuts by Jamie Gilcig JAN 19, 2016

The Standard Freeholder has been around a long time.  The newspaper, after only being owned by the Sun chain for a brief time, ended up with Post Media after they consumed the chain.

Where you had contrast in many Canadian cities with a Sun tabloid vs a broadsheet many cities have two papers owned by the one chain.

It’s something our wacky government thought was a great idea, but media conglomeration has essentially led to many journalist’s voices being silenced and many faces disappearing from our screens.

CFN contacted Freeholder editor Hugo Rodrigues this aft and confirmed that the Freeholder has missed any cuts this round.

Of course this begs the bigger question of whether the Freeholder can endure in print as it’s already using much of the chains content while media struggle for ad dollars as indicated in page counts of the local paper as well as TC media Seaway News which has seen dramatic cuts in its weekly offering.    The Seaway News has a smaller workforce than the Freeholder though.

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With pressure on media from all sides, for example some of which we sure during the last Federal election, is the future bright for newsprint?

Corus radio shut its local newsroom a few years ago.    Lawyer Milena Cardinal lamented how more media should be sitting in court rooms to protect the public from possibly injustices, but with cuts how can media outlets afford to have reporters sitting in court for example which could lead to certain abuses of justice that never will make the public’s eyes, which after all, is what journalism is supposed to do.

Media conglomeration means less voices emanating from centralized hubs rather than strong local presence.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Will the Freeholder be in print much longer?  You can post your comments below.



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I see very little local content in the CSF, as you mentioned. I see cuts coming for a lot of PostMedia traditional newspapers. A lot of the CSF is now made up of articles that I’m sure are shared across many of their publications. If PostMedia ant people to read their papers the solution is more local content, not more national / provincial /regional content


With the recent news of combining newsrooms in cities with Postmedia and Sun brand newspapers this is not good news for journalists and editors. And having only one sports department for the whole country?? This is not good news. Let the blood letting begin.


Sunmedia and Postmedia have been circling the drain for quite a while. Their local news coverage in smaller centers has been abysmal. If sports scores and Justin Bieber stories are your thing, I guess they still serve a purpose, but for real news, you have to look elsewhere.