Bernie Madoff Scandal – no securities purchased in over 10 years.



Now that bits of real info are leaking into clarity I see a few things.

Basically a lot of people over looked a lot of things because of greed.    Greed isn’t just being greedy; it’s about the tolerance of greed.  It’s about looking up to it and admiring it and those that perpetuate.

I’m not Lefty Socialist.  I am more of a Liberal Centrist with occasional Conservative twinges.

This case is going to be a true societal test.     Mr. Madoff and his family and associates need to be stripped bare and punished.   In other countries Bernie would probably be given the death penalty as well.  Surely his actions have already caused a few deaths and those have been based solely on actions he and his clan made knowingly.

This isn’t a case of accidents or error; this has been a gross fraud consciously perpetuated that has cost a lot of other greedy people their fortunes.

I lop it together with the Steroid scandal in Baseball in that it’s far too easy to target just a Bernie Madoff or Barry Bonds.     They both need to be punished, but so do those that allowed it to happen and enabled it to  impact society.

Neither Bernie nor Barry could’ve perpetuated what they did without a lot of people turning a blind eye.     Too many of us do that in life and in the end we all pay the price.

There are people whose lives will be smashed by this fraud.   Mr. Madoff and all connected to this case need to have their lives smashed too.

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