Has Guy Lauzon sent you a whack of letters in the last few weeks too?

guy Guy Lauzon, I guess on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada; has sent 7 mailings to our house in the last few weeks.

They all are the same photocopies asking if we feel if the Government is doing a good job.

Regardless of my political leanings or opinions of our MP I have to share a gross concern over these mailings.

Firstly they are addressed to people directly.   They are not direct mail or junk mail.

In this case either our family our own names have been used.    My wife and I are not members of the Conservative Party of Canada nor have we shared our info with them.

We don’t get mailings like this from other Federal or Provincial parties either.

Is this “Big Brother” snooping on Canadian citizens?  Is the Conservative Party of Canada taking advantage or our personal information?  It seems so and it seems very very wrong to me.   It’s one thing to send junk mail and quite another to use census info or other allegedly secure private information for campaign purposes.

Speaking of which; we pay for Guy to send us all this junk mail.   Not only is sent via his office stationary each letter is postage returned.   All I have to do is fill the document out and “WE” get to pay for it to be mailed to him.

To me this is very very wrong.    The other political party’s should have equal access to whatever information is legally accessible.    I also don’t think that taxpayers should have to foot the bill for this silliness.

Guy’s office of course didn’t return my call on this.     If Guy or anyone from his office wish to respond feel free to call or email in at info@cornwallfreenews.com

And of course good people of Cornwall and the area feel free to share your comments here.

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