Guy Carbonneau FIRED told ya so

As I suggested recently in this blog, the Habs have fired head coach Guy Carbonneau and GM Bob Gainey has stepped into the breach for the remainnder of this season.


Bob said on trade deadline day that he was happy with “His” team and I am predicting that if “His” team doesn’t make the play-offs he will resign.

Of course I would bet money that this team will not only make the play-offs but probably get past at least the first round.

I’m also predicting here, right now, that Patrick Roy will be the next head coach of the Habs.

The late Claude Mouton told me only a few weeks before he died that in Montreal it’s not about English and French; it’s about a love to raise things up and bring them down.

Guy Carbonneau’s a good man.   I wish him well in his future hockey endeavors, but this team just never was “his”.


“(It would) be very sad . . . catastrophic for everybody,”  Guy Lafleur said. “They have everything behind them — fans, the organization, the 100th anniversary. All they have to do is play as a team and be ready to pay the price to win.


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