CDN Healthcare blamed for Natasha Richardson’s Death


Leave it to the New York Post to blame Canadian, or in this case, the Quebec health care system for the death of actress Natasha Richardson.

nat “Her initial refusal of medical care accounted for only part of the delay. She was still conscious when seen at a hospital and her death might have been prevented if the hospital either had the resources to diagnose and institute temporizing therapy, or air transport had taken her quickly to Montreal.”

The no air ambulance issue is an issue, and sure, Quebec should probably have one, but the initial delay in Ms Richardson getting treatment more than likely was the biggest factor in her untimely and sad death.

I’ve lived in Quebec.  I live in Ontario now.   I’ve lived in Los Angeles, BC, and spent some time in England.   I can tell you that we have a super health system that needs help.  It needs people to start holding Politicians accountable and stop killing the Medicare system where we probably get less than 25 cents on the dollar in services.

We need to start firing some people and getting ones in that understand the true mandate of “Medicare”

And we need to tell US journalists who criticize our system to jam it.

Just my 2 cents.

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