Letter in the Standard Freeholder – Are you listening Mr. Lauzon?

I’ve thought that Mr. Lauzon guy was never “in touch” to actually be out of touch.  He’s far too busy running the Habitat ReStore to realize how little most families in Cornwall actually survive on.


MP out of touch

In a recent mailing made by Guy Lauzon, MP for Stormont- Dundas-South Glengarry, to selected constituents, Mr. Lauzon gave a brief overview of the Conservative Government’s Economic Action Plan. He included a snapshot of a typical SDSG family to help us see the advantages of this plan:

A Typical SDSG Family Benefits: Dual-Earner Family

Bob and Emily have two children. Bob earns $45,000 and Emily earns $85,000.

Without the measures taken by this government, they would have paid $20,097 in personal income taxes in 2009.

Tax relief provided prior to Budget 2009 reduced their personal income taxes by $1,455.

Measures proposed in Budget 2009 will further reduce their taxes by about $483.

In total, their federal personal income taxes in 2009 will be reduced by 10%, or $1,938.

A joint income of $130,00 makes them just a typical family in SDSG?

We should all be so lucky. What planet does Mr. Lauzon live on? He is totally disconnected from the SDGS reality.

According to Statistics Canada, Census 2006, the real income for a double-income two-children household in Stormont-Dundas- Glengarry is $72,959 and $67,101 in Cornwall. Suffice it to say that the real typical family will not benefit as much as Bob and Emily.

What else doesn’t our MP get?

Nancy Dunlop,


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