Afghanistan – Lies – waste of humanity – the way things are and will be


Russia tried to “win” Afghanistan in the 80’s.   The West is taking its turn.  The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have bled Western economy’s nearly to the point that they took the former Soviet Union’s.

There have been many others over the centuries who also tried to conquer Afghanistan with similar results.

When I was a young gaffer, in less Politically Correct times, I went to school in the US.    They taught us to play Football by playing a game called “Schmeer the Queer”.  The concept being that the class was put on the field and one ball tossed out.

The person that picked it up was “the queer” and the rest of the class jumped him.  It showed the coach who’d make a good running back and who’d make a good linebacker.  It was kinda shocking for this humble kid from Montreal.

Well right now Hamid Karzai is in that position.   He has the ball and he has now shown The West that Afghanistan will always be Afghanistan no matter how many bombs you drop, buildings you build, or blood you are willing to spill.

Just buy their poppies and leave them alone seems to be what they want.   Sadly for the rest of the world they sit in a pretty strategic spot.    Big Oil,  Mr. Putin’s of Russia, and US oil interests both want to run pipelines through the country.

L I N K The world is aghast at the new law passed recently in Afghanistan

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said Canada and other allies would be pushing Afghanistan for answers at this week’s NATO summit, saying, “this type of legislation won’t fly.”

Democratic states, even goofy ones, are usually easier to deal with that Tyrannical Military states and are usually more stable, ya know, like Pakistan…

The biggest problem is that Afghanistan doesn’t live by Western standards.    They’ve been poor for centuries.  They’ve been running things the way they like to for centuries.    They don’t want our standards and lifestyles no matter how many schools we build for them.

There is no easy solution in Afghanistan.   They are going to play Russia against the West and get the best deal they can.   Maybe they’re not so primitive or dumb?

Meanwhile innocent Canadian blood is being shed.   It’s not what our military should be about.

Canadian Soliders deserve better from our politicians than to have their lives sold for oil and gas pipelines.

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