Anyone else Defrauded by All Star Roofing (Paul Maurice Landry)?

If you received a flyer in your mail box from All Star Roofing last Spring odds are you may be a victim of Paul Maurice Landry.

Mr. Landry has been charged, or to be charged with several counts of fraud for taking deposits for Roofing jobs that he never started in the Cornwall and Morrisburg areas.

He has been in various jails the last while for parole violations so local police have not been in a rush to charge him on behalf of his area victims.

No charges appear to be laid against his wife and mother who allegedly helped him with orders.

If you have were one of his victims please contact the Cornwall or your local Police as they can use all the ammo they can use.

What’s really sad and something everyone should watch out, especially this year as the tax credit will have more people doing renovations is that Mr. Landry was registered.   He was insured by Hunt Insurance who have explained to victims that if he had not initiated the work his policy doesn’t cover fraud.

Victims funds will not cover non-violent crimes and most times there are no assets to go after even if you sue the fraudster.

Basically if you are contracting work be very careful about putting out any deposits; at least until the supplies and workers arrive at your site and initiate the work.

Apparently most ethical  contractors will not require a deposit.

So please be careful this summer as your home is usually your biggest investment.

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