No Gay Pride Fest for Cornwall in 2009


The most recent meeting of Pride/Fierté Cornwall’s executive committee was held on April 2nd where, after much honest discussion, it was decided not to stage a Pride festival in 2009.

The current economic climate played an obvious role in our decision. More importantly, though, Pride 2008 saw a marked decrease in attendance from previous years, which resulted in a drop in revenue. In terms of planning, artistry and spirit, it was a tremendous success and all those who participated were treated to a terrific party. However, Cornwall’s LGBT community itself did not support it as much as Prides past. We’ve also found it very difficult to find new volunteers. This has put an additional strain on our board members, all of whom have life/work priorities which make it hard to devote the time and effort needed to put such an event together.

In light of all that, it would be impossible for us to stage a Pride festival in 2009 on the scale of those before. It’s therefore not in our best interest to try.

This is not to say, however, that we’re totally shutting down. Indeed, far from it. We’ll continue to stage fundraising events throughout the year, three of which are tentatively scheduled for May, August and October. (Dates, locations and times will be confirmed later.) We’ll be introducing new features and themes at these parties, one of which is a retro game show night that’s currently in development. We’ll also be lowering the cost of admission and we hope to have them at new and different venues around the city. Engaging Cornwall’s LGBT youth is also on tap; putting on a youth only or all-ages event is a possibility. All money made from these projects will fund future events which may include a Pride festival for sometime next year.

In the meantime, since there will be no Pride 2009, we ask all members of Cornwall’s LGBT community to wear their Pride each and every day throughout the year. Remember that Pride is not an event – it’s a state of mind and of being. Remember to show your colours all through the year with the hope that we’ll express it again loud and proud in 2010.

Member at Large/Webmaster
Pride/Fierté Cornwall

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