Habs to face Bruins in Play-offs after 3-1 Loss to Penguins

cprice Maybe Bob Gainey knows something a lot of other’s don’t.   He seems to be betting the farm on Carey Price who so far really hasn’t shown that he’s earned that support.

Price allowed 3 goals on 41 shots from the high scoring Pittsburgh line up last night.

The Bruins are about to arrive.    Matt Schneider logged 22 minutes last night too and will be targeted early.

I expect Markov to return and for the series to potentially be a bloody and brutal round.

This isn’t just about a rivalry.   This is about Claude Julien facing off against that man that fired him from his dream gig.

It’s going to be manno a manno across the benches and that’s going to lead to some exciting hockey.

If I’m Bob Gainey I target Chara early.  He needs Laraque or Stewart to put the hurt on the Big Z early.   And those two guys will also have to start going on the attack instead of just protecting Hab players.   They need to put the hurt on early to some of the Bruin’s.

Boston has a good forward core, but if their D is hammered I think it will lead to a lot of Hab goals on the PP.

The Bruins on the other hand have to play it cool.  They finished first.  They are the better team; at least on paper.     They need to control the games and play Bruin’s hockey and not let the Habs control things which will be easier said than done.

I predict that either the Bruins will crush the Habs in 5 or the series will be a nail biter and go 7.

The wild card will be…..Carey Price.   If he can pull a Patrick Roy, or even a Ken Dryden then some magic can happen.

In other NHL news the Detroit Red Wings signed Johan Franzen to a whopping 11 year contract which is kinda nuts, but the Wings are really focused on the salary cap and are hoping some of these leveraged long term deals allow them to retain more of their star players like Marcel Hossa who’s about to be a UFA.

What do you think Cornwall?  Who’s going to get through round one?

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