Hockey Pad Site – Is it toxic?

I’m going to email the rest of council and the Mayor and hopefully we get some answers or positions regarding the site for the arena.

This was just released by Councilor Mark MacDonald.  mac

Further to the issue I tried to raise at our last Council Mtg., let me be very clear.  We were led to believe, in a report to Council at our April 6th meeting, that the new arena site would be going thru an Environmental Assessment (EA) process.

We now find out that this is not the case.  There has not been an Environmental Assessment done on the property and there is no intention to have an EA done.  I think that this is a huge mistake and I further feel that if an EA is not done then we should look at our Council priority list and remove “respect for the Environment” from the list of priorities.

What do you think Cornwall?  Good for Councilor MacDonald focusing on potential future issues.   Councilors come and go; arena projects last an awful long time.

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  1. The OPP have been asked to investigate the events right from the purchase of the property up to now.

    So the rush is on to complete the deal. After all what are the repercussions should the land be seized because it is the proceeds of crime (purchased with money that came from the proceeds of crime).

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