Habs Bite the Dust – It wasn’t pretty – Jokinen Leads Flames with 2 Goals

Well, now Bob can resign with dignity, or something like that.   Bob Gainey was one of my favorite players on the Hab Dynasty of the 70’s.

He’s a Hall of Fame Player and person.  He has a lot of integrity and I have a hunch that the sale of the team had a role in him not being able to make certain moves before the trade deadline.   At least I hope so.   I want to cut Bob as much slack as possible.

Bottom line though is that this was his team.    Guy Carboneau was his coach and Carey Price was certainly his goalie even though he didn’t earn it this year and Jaroslav Halak did.

The NHL is all about winning the Stanley Cup.  End of story and no team has won more than the Habs.

The expectation in Montreal is to win the Stanley Cup.  Montrealers love a good party and expect one every spring.

If you end up in the cooker that is the GM or Coach, or player on the Habs that’s part of the deal.

Carey Price came into camp after losing a bunch of weight.  It was supposed to give him more mobility.   Maybe he didn’t need all that mobility.     I think he went through something like Mr. Fleury in Pittsburgh went through and his maturity level just isn’t there yet.

Bob either knows something different and no matter how well Halak played or how bad Price played stuck with his goalie.

That to me and for making public statements like Guy Carboneau was his best signing as GM are why he will resign shortly.

And that’s sad because this is Bob’s dream gig even though it can sometimes be a nightmare.   He didn’t go and take a coaching gig in France to lead the Leafs.    He learned the language; loves the city and everything that goes with the Bleu, Blonde, et Rouge.

The Rangers took a decisive lead against the Caps with their 2-1 win last night.

The exciting game though was the Flames battling back in the series and beating the Hawks 6-4.  Olli Jokinen led the way with 2 goals, 6 shots and was +4 for the night.  Jerome Iginla also had 2 goals and an assist.   When it’s crunch time stars have to shine and Calgary’s did.     It was a super game too with very little whistle blowing.


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