Overstalks shuttered on Montreal Road

ostalks The Overstalks store that opened at 141 Montreal Road to a lot of hoopla this past February has been shuttered down.   Their website (www.overstalks.com) is also down.

Signs on the store show that their landlord has seized the goods for monies owed and locked the doors.    Attempts to reach landlord Wolfe Vracar were not returned,  and we’re trying to get a hold of the Overstalk people to get a response from them.

It’s a shame as there are a lot of people in  Le Village who just can’t make it to the malls without cabs and who need this type of store.

Actually Le Village needs any stores as Montreal Road is looking like a run of  struggling restaurants and used good stores.    This area of Cornwall; which still has so much vitality,  needs some love and support from City Hall if it’s ever going to revive.

From The Port Theatre, to the waterfront, the charm of the architecture of some of its buildings;  there are a lot of opportunities.

Of course, just maybe, certain people want it depressed so that they can buy up all the commercial real estate in the area for when the Casino opens on the old Domtar site??  😉

What do you think Cornwall?  Is Le Village hopelessly doomed or can it be rejuvenated?

Maybe we can ask some City Councilors tomorrow night at City Council?

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