Game 7 or Bust – NHL Roundup!

Score early and score often.  Advice that leads to a win as the Bruins discovered last night during their 4-2 victory and  forcing Carolina to a game 7.  I have a hunch the Bruins will survive this series too.

Anaheim showed a lot of moxy in forcing a game 7 in their series with Detroit with a 2-1 victory.   They scored the first goal and it was gritty hockey the rest of the way.  A super series and Detroit is looking very frustrated.

Pittsburgh and Washington are going to have their game 7 too.   A terrific series and while I’m rooting for Ovechkin, it’s a shame that one of these teams will have to exit the play offs.  I have a hunch Sergei Gonchar will be back for Pittsburgh after that knee on knee hit with Ovie.

Vancouver bowed out to Chicago in a 7-5 barn burning loss.   Mats Sundin scored a goal in the losing cause.   People talk about the uncertainty in Montreal, but Vancouver has their Swedish contingent all UFA as well.   Should be an interesting off-season in BC.

In other NHL news Mike Modano is coming back for his 20th season and Gary Bettman is still awfully short….of Love for Jim Balsillie…

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