New Photo Radar in Quebec – Another Reason not to visit

Those wacky folks in Quebec have decided to try photo radar out.   I think it’s just a money grab.  A lot of areas have tried to use it, or do use it, and I think it just goes against the grain.

It’s up to police to catch us breaking the law.   Lord knows there’s enough opportunity; especially on Quebec roads, to catch people speeding; doing those bizarre passes; illegal lane changes etc to keep Le Surete busy.

To me photo radar is just cheating and another reason to not visit Quebec this summer when I have time off.  I think I’ll take a look at the Niagara region instead and keep our $$ in Ontario.


“On May 19, 2009, photo radar and red-light cameras will be introduced in Quebec. A total of 15 locations will be monitored as part of an 18-month pilot project aimed at improving accident statistics in some of the province’s most dangerous zones. Motorists will benefit from a three-month grace period when the technology is implemented in May, but after that, violators will be ticketed. Following are the details of the project.

The sites were chosen jointly by the Ministère des Transports and the Ministère de la Sécurité publique, based on the high incidence and seriousness of accidents and how hard it is to maintain police control there.

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