Cooking With Kretz – The Farmer’s Market is Open

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The Farmers Market is upon us… Finally!

I was excited to get out and see the inaugural weekend of the Downtown Cornwall Farmers Market.

Granted that many of the items and vendors we expect to see will not arrive until Harvest season, the turnout was impressive.

Then it poured.

Freshly grown local produce will be here before we know it.  Until then we can purchase items by local artisan food producers. Be it cheese, honey, arts & crafts, flowers, etc.

I have a number of exciting new prospects before me.

Once my hand is healed enough to return to the kitchen I intend to do a number of wine tasting events at local fine dining establishments (stay tuned for more info).

I will also be offering cooking/wine classes as well as multi course dinner parties/catering.

I will direct you to the appropriate webpages for more information soon.

My next column shall be more exciting. Please send me your questions/requests. I am more than happy to share my knowledge and experiences.

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