David Rawnsley to Run Again for Greens

With the smell of election in the air it’s good to see another party get things going.

Green Party Candidate David Rawnsley will be running again in the next election.   I predict him to garner more votes this time around.    Good luck David.

So far in this riding we have Mr. Rawnsley running for the Greens and Darlene Jalbert who will be running again for the NDP.

The Liberals have so far not come up with a candidate, which I as a Liberal find annoying as I think that in this riding especially, the candidates can’t wait for the election call and need to start working it long before.

So far I’m hearing Tom Manley’s name the most, but there are other names being suggested such as City Councilor Bernadette Clement as the candidate with the best chance to beat our incumbent MP.

What do you think Cornwall?  Will you be more active in the next election and who do you want to run for your party?

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