Bridge Update – Lots of opinions and anger

There are a lot of passionate opinions and people on both sides of this issue.


Here are some news updates.

L I N K  Akwesasne may call State of Emergency.

L I N K  A lot of angry people voice their opinions.

L I N K Border closed Indefinately

L I N K Mohawks Stand Against New Border Policy

L I N K Bridge Open for Local Residents to Return 

Here is the bottom line.

I think the Canadian Government should meet with the Mohawks.  That means Mr. Van Loan should meet with Mr. Thompson.

I think the Government; as an act of good faith; should delay the implementation of Hand Guns for one month to give both sides time to try and resolve this issue. 

I think the Mohawks should take any tractors away from the bridges and tone down their camping and protesting during this month.

I think in the end Canadian Border guards will be armed.  I do think this can be handled better by both sides and that there is a peaceful and reasonable solution that can be achieved without rhetoric or futher bridge closings.

In the meanwhile we’ll just have to do with less ciggys driving over the border and less visits to the Casino.

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