A lot of places are talking about the border closing.   Here are some of the stories out there.

MP to the Rescue

Mohawks only allowed on Seaway Bridge



Truckers Weigh In

CBSA points out that U.S. guards working on the territory have carried guns for decades without any objections from the community.”

I find that last quote very interesting and if correct I think that this puts this whole adventure in a new perspective…

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  1. Contrary to what the Mohawk Council says, they are not the only reserve with a CBSA post on their territory. Walpole Island has a ferry office on their land. The officers there are mostly armed and there has not been any problems so far.

  2. It is just remarkable, the complacency with which Canadians have surrendered to the government instituting another armed force to police us.

    Our own Canadian government has done an end run around our constitution by giving more powers, and now weapons, to an agency that among other aberrations, doesn’t have the usual requisite of search warrants for private premises and property, or restrictions for searching and detaining persons that are meant to protect Canadians from abuse.

    Instead of throwing out a lot of opinions, baseless anecdotes and imagined scenarios, simply check the record; there is no valid cause to allow this erosion of our rights, or for the arming of agents at border crossings.

    There is no justification for introducing firearms to what should still be the ambassadors, clerks, and administrators demonstrating not only what makes Canada different, but that the fear and paranoia of anything and everything post 9-1-1, is largely hysteria.

    Shoot me if I’m wrong.

  3. Author

    Trent I had a discussion a few years ago with a someone that had worked at the border and left the service. His opinion was that they worked for Revenue Canada/Quebec basically to collect taxes.

    I think that after 9/11 some rethinking went into the process and someone decided that our Customs Agents should play a more standardized customs role like most other countries.

    It’s not whether or not it’s right for our agents to carry arms. It’s been decided by a duly elected Canadian Government. It’s a nationwide decision and while this government has been insensitive and stupid it’s their right to be as they are with non-native issues.

    The bottom line is that this situation; like most in life, would have a better result if both parties treated each other with respect and consideration instead of playing cheap political games at the public’s expense.

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