Should Canada Customs Post be moved? VOTE NOW


It comes down to the realities of the situation.   While it can be dicussed and argued over is it time to move the Canada Customs post from the Island.

Whether you’re from Cornwall, Akwesasne or even in the US your vote counts in this poll.   Feel free to post your comment and register your vote.

Should the Canada Customs Post Move From the Island?

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  1. If customs does move across the bridge, please, don’t build it on the properties in Cornwall purchased with smuggling money and skimmed casino cash. I don’t want my taxes used to do their money laundry.

    c’est a dire… Domtar still stinks.

  2. Jaime,

    How are you not biased ?

    Your poll leaves out 1 question, Leave it and Settle the ISSUES !

    Sad excuse for a reporter you are

  3. Ok, I’ll bite. Which answer did I miss? And no, we aren’t biased. We sometimes take a position, but as you can see from your comment being on our site other opinions can be presented.

    Even though I’m not a Conservative if an article was submitted it’d be printed.

    Now I may leave my own comment, but that’s what truly makes news “free”.

    When I see other papers allowing one party to monopolize its airwaves or pages it really bothers me. Give a free shake for all sides. Sure there’s room to support a position; but don’t block out others the way the current sitting MP did during the debates of the last Federal election.

  4. What is the problem, US customs has had guns for years! It’s not just Cornwall crossing getting guns. All Canadian border crossings have guns. The Customs officers need to protect themselves from the drug and arms traffickers . No I’m not a customs officer, I’m a truck driver who travels across the border on a daily basis.

    The Mohawks need to realize it is not about them. Other people besides them use this crossing too!

  5. The CBSA should not become another armed police agency in our midst, and First Nation rights must be recognized and respected by all parties.

    That is a given, now let’s address the root problems that divide our communities; the elements that undermine the honesty, sincerity and credibility of both sides in this dispute. Let’s remove them from our midst.

    The ones whose only allegiance is to the images of Queen Elizabeth and George Washington, which they carry in their pockets and use to buy power and prestige.

    The power, that makes children leave school, disrespect their parents, and insult their own bodies, turns them into addicts and makes them worship the money that started it all.

    That power is held by rich and powerful traitors in our communities. Some even sit on our councils and wear uniforms of law enforcement. We all know some of them, now help get rid of all them, from Akwesasne and Cornwall. (anonymity assured)

  6. Author

    Trent those are lovely and flowery words, but it will take actions, deeds, and the right words to make changes in our society. The reality is that the politicians on both sides have screwed up on this one and I don’t mean that in a generic sense. I mean in that they have played their hands and positions badly.

    I’ve lived in this area for over five years and had a store for about two of those years. Some of my best customers were from the Island and I’ve never had any issues or frankly seen any issues from the Island personally. Then again I haven’t seen or had issues with Canada Customs guards at this station either.

    So Trent; it’s super that you post here and on other sites anonymously, but what you have personally done to make this situation better or what do you plan to help make this situation better?

  7. I don’t see why these two sides can’t come to an agreement..I have cops, Rcmp etc visit my facility which holds more then 1000 people daily who carry guns in a business area.Business or residential is not really the factor, there has to be another reason.United States has had guns for years and it hasn’t affected everyday life. With 2.4 million travelers going through these ports its viable to business, friendships between countries and just between friends that these PORTS OPEN !!! Please open the ports…This is not personally about the reserve or a canadian or a u.s person.Its just protection..

  8. I think that the border should be moved. I don’t see any side of the issue budging and really, both sides have the right to what they are demanding. The aboriginal people of Cornwall Island deserve a say in the goings on on their land, and maybe putting the border on their land was a bad idea in the first place since they really didn’t have a say in the matter to begin with. On the other hand, border guards have the right to be armed as long as this privilege is not abused. Therefore, the only reasonable solution seems to be a third option. In this case moving the border altogether.

  9. I think not allowing media onto the akwesasne reservation is a mistake. People like us in the west are currently complaining about Iran’s clampdown on media in its own country, and yet, here we have something similar going on. I’m a bit behind on local news, so please correct me if I’m wrong, but last time I checked, media was not allowed through (may have changed, but how could Canadian authorities forbid it in the first place?)

    Free press and speech.

    Also- border shutdown was the choice of Canada. The Akwesasne haven’t blocked the crossing. I also believe that the crossing area in Canada pays rent to the tribe, which pretty much amounts to that parcel of land belonging– to the tribe.

    I just moved to the area last fall, but I remember reading articles on this issue months and months before the arming went into effect– so this isn’t somehting that came out of the blue, and I also remember distinctly *not* seeing any articles where the concerns of the tribe were being addressed.

    I’d like to see this site or the seaway news post some actual interviews with the tribe’s leadership…

  10. Author

    I agree with you Leila. As a matter of fact I’m waiting for an Interview to be confirmed with Grand Chief Thompson for tomorrow.

  11. admin- I did run into one interview with a member of the men’s council (though I dont think they actually hold any decision making power) on a native-centric news site…

    digging for it…

    but that’s about it. Seriously, I’ve been digging for more info on the subject, but it seems to be a non-newsworthy issue in most regional publications…

  12. This border crossing has been a problem for years and it will continue to be a problem for years to come. The only answer is to permanently close this entry point.

    For some reason this is not an option on your poll.

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