I attended the DRV2WRK meeting last night at the Navy Club. ( www.drv2wrk.ca)  The room was filled to capacity.

There was music; food; politicians; concerned citizens; and a few media types.

Cornwall has long suffered labor issues that are now coming home stronger in other areas of Ontario.   Cornwall is more familiar sadly with poverty and employment issues than say…. Toronto which is why the OFL has organized this caravan around the province.

The MC was Cornwall city Councilor Elaine MacDonald who introduced people like Judy Dancause from the Agape Center and a lot of people concerned with the issues facing people; especially as we all try to survive this recession.

Also present was Darlene Jalbert  who talked about a lot of issues she takes to heart.   I had a moment to talk to her afterward about the next election.   “If I get elected it will be on who I am, my principles, and what I believe in. ” She was also upset that Minister Van Loan had not responded to the issues she raised in her own letter to him and the general situation in the riding, especially the bridge closing and the impact on all of the communities involved.

Irene Harris from the OFL said that “It’s time for solidarity amongst the working and middle class to defend our incomes, affordable housing, public services, and good jobs.”

When I listened to the stories from people working with others in poverty; from soup kitchens; to hospitals, and schools the resonance of the needs of our society and where we are struck loud.

We all can and need to do more to help each other and make Cornwall, Ontario, and Canada a better place.

It all starts with one person taking one action, and if everyone did just one thing to help someone else we all would have better lives.

Kudos for a poignant meeting and kudos for parliament moving Bill C-280 to a second reading.

This bill was sponsored by the NDP to allow insurable hours to more reflect today’s needs and even the playing field a bit.   The only members to not vote for this bill were from the Conservative party including our own area MP who sits in a riding with very high unemployment.

Hope a few more people remember that next election time.

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