Federal Liberal Rural Caucus Visit to North Dundas

The Liberal war drums are rumbling and the caucus is on tour!  Wish I can be there, but I’m working Tuesday morning.   I’m sure lots will attend though.

Here are the details:

On Tuesday June 16, the Federal Liberal Rural Caucus will take a field trip to Winchelsea Farm just North of Winchester on Highway 31, across from the Coverdale golf course.

At least dozen M.P.’s are making the trip. They will arrive at 7:50AM.

A buffet Breakfast is available at 8AM for $16.50 followed a short series of presentations on rural issues.

Rural Caucus chair Mark Eyking M.P. will preside.

Presentations will be over at 8:30, followed by a two way question and answer session with M.P.’s asking questions of the presenters and guests asking any questions of the M.P.’s.

Closing remarks are at 9AM and the M.P.s leave at 9:15 for the return trip to Parliament Hill.

The event is open to the public.

Please advise Denis Sabourin, 613-995-9368, m3011@glen-net.ca, if you wish to attend.

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