Email 10 Political Offices about the Border Crossing in 1 Shot

Hmm… this site just went up giving people a place to vent to all the US and Canadian politicians and agencies with one form however there are no emails sent to the MCA or Grand Chief, or even Brendan their Media guy.

This isn’t just a Canadian Government issue.  Akwesasne has their fair share of the blame in this mess too.

I like the concept of this, but they should add those extra emails in.

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  1. Do you really want to send your personal information to these people and have the major police agencies in each country (that monitor the mail of political celebrities) collect your personal information and opinions?

    It’s not paranoia. the American PATRIOT Act allows the government and police to hold and disseminate information at their pleasure …and your peril. The program is as fascist and Big Brother as they come. In just as bad, our own RCMP will gladly store and use that information against you as well.

    Don’t forget that this whole mess started with the government doing an end run around our constitution by invigorating Customs, who have outrageous priveleges about search and seizure that no other police are allowed. They’ve created another armed police agency. We have enough already for heaven’s sake.

    Our armed forces that protect us from foreign enemies are miniscule in comparison. Is there really that big a domestic threat? Do we have more fear of our neighbours than our armed enemies?

    No customs officers have been killed or injured or threatened in a way that a 9mm slug would help. Even in Cornwall, the desertion of customs was a government ploy… If it was so dangerous how could officers take the time to give Akwesasne residents the finger on their way out. And why should Cornwall be the same as the other ridiculously armed crossings … Akwesasne is a unique territory, and it is only reasonable to recognize that and act responsibly.

    In most cases it seems that the fuss is rooted in rascism. Many of my fellow Cornwall residents have been nothing but a disgusting embarrassment. So ignorant of the rest of the world where , for example, in Europe where borders in most places are virtual, in the real sense of the word.

  2. Author

    Trent to me this is about process. An example I’ll use is I have a friend who had “Bush” duty. IE he once had to protect the President of the US with whom he was politically disdainful of.

    He did his job and if he had to would’ve taken a bullet because he was protecting the President of the United States and not George Bush.

    The government of Canada has every right to arm their guards. It’s their choice. If Canadian Citizens or the citizens of Akwesasne feel different there is a process which may not result in a solution that some may be happy with.

    There are so many sub issues and sub plots that I think many people get confused with the reality of the situation which is unfortunate for those of us that life around or on the Island and border crossing.

  3. Governments have responsibilities, it is people that have rights. The government is chosen by people and they are chosen to serve the people, not to lay down laws to serve themselves.

    How we got this screwed up is a matter of creeping complacency by Canadians I suppose, that, and a good measure of ignorance of our own laws and principles of government.

    The government has acted to introduce another armed law enforcement agency into our midst without justification. Check the records and you’ll find no problems at border crossings that have necessitated this armed move, just a lot of “what if”‘s and imagined scenarios … give it up, it’s nonsense.

    The real problem is this newly invigorated force with the sweeping powers that used to be limited to border crossings. CBSA are now operating throughout Canada with their search on a whim tactics (e.g. Harkat) or deporting political problems instead of criminals …they have become the agents of politics, not policing.

    CBSA had no respect on Akwesasne for good reason, and if taking up a weapon is how you earn respect, …well that is just an admission of defeat, and all the more worthy of disdain.

    And about setting up customs in the States…

    Detaining a Canadian citizen on foreign soil, preventing a Canadian from at least stepping on home soil before impinging on Charter rights?

    Didn’t anyone learn from the Canadian Government cruelly keeping Abousfian Abdelrazik trapped in Sudan; refusing to give him a passport even though he managed to get into a Canadian embassy?

    How ignorant can Canadians be, how lackadasical in protecting their birthrights …to consider allowing someone to impede their entrance into their own country.

    A stop in the States can be the beginning of a terrifying Maher Arar nightmare.

    And if all this is news to you, try looking through the paper beyond: ads for sexy cars that compensate for lack of love, or 52″ flat screen TV’s that compensate for your less than 8”?

    And only the laziest, unimaginative, ignorant of Charter Rights bureaucrat (CBSA leadership daily prove themselves unworthy of the title of law enforcement) could ever consider it.

    Now just imagine how I feel about the naive, or ignorant, or traitorous to civil rights people that accept it.

  4. Author

    So Trent, what do you propose regarding this situation? It’s easy to poetically wax floral, but another thing to find a working solution.

  5. 1. The port of entry cannot be on territory outside of Canada nor territory it does not exercise authority over.
    That would appear to be Akwesasne for one, and since there is no entry there …that’s been taken care of.

    2. The port of entry must be on Canadian territory that is controlled by the lawful government of Canada.
    The nearest spot is Cornwall …surely this is simply an engineering exercise…tunnel, redesigned bridge, ferry, whatever.

    3. CBSA could go back to the bureaucratic, program administration role it previously performed; skip the paramilitary fatigues, combat boots, utility belts and all those pockets …so many pockets. There are umpteen police forces in existence already and at least a half dozen active in the Akwesasne environs.

  6. Re: “poetically wax floral”

    Aye though, “Words are but wind…”

  7. Author

    Trent this border crossing basically has worked fine for a number of years. If it wasn’t functioning then it sure was a pretty well kept secret. From what I’ve read and seen its biggest failure was the inability to stem the flow of illegal cigarettes. Right now supply is down and the cost on the street is up so maybe it’s a good thing…change….

    While all would prefer it be on Canadian soil I think there is precedent of a station not being on Canadian soil. I personally think that if this grand standing doesn’t end soon it will end up in Cornwall for the long term.

    In the meanwhile however the bridge needs to be opened so traffic can flow through which means either re-opening the station or temporarily using US facilities.

    As to your 3rd point, CBSA can do lots of things. That’s not really the point. The point is that if the government in power decides that they want them to wear pink too toos or combat fatigues that basically is what they’ll wear. The duly elected government of Canada has said that our border guards will be armed so that’s what’s going to happen.

    Like any government decision it will be liked by some and not by others.

  8. What’s this about obedience to duly elected governments?
    They’re politicians, and a good many are egotistical hogs at the trough on top of it. You don’t have to hang out long in Ottawa to see it.

    It is a tradition and a responsibility to defy governments that don’t abide the people, and civil disobedience is a credible tool to correct the rascals.

    The bridge is not a necessity, it is a convenience and a commercial asset, but it’s not a need, certainly not ahead of native rights or Charter Rights. Try to see the priorities, try to understand taht the person comes before money. Let’s back up a bit. Forget the guns.

    And if you support the government and law so much, what’s the fuss? It’s all legal. No charges have been made, no one’s rights are diminished by the closing just some privileges being infringed.

    By the way, this was one big hoax, there were no guns on site (thank goodness) and there were no guns on the way for 1 June 2009. The real concern should be the documents and information left behind, the uniforms too.

    And if you support the government and law so much, what’s the fuss? It’s all legal.

    Ummm… what else? … oh, not waxing poetic but rather, a run at prosaic delivery of fact enlivened betimes by an eloquent turn of phrase.

    Lastly, there is nothing poetic about the Canadian Government’s treatment of Arar, Harkatt, Abdelrazik or Canadian natives, and these are the few lucky enough to have their plight recognized.

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