It’s Mayor Bob Kilger Day or Claude Rips Guy a New One – BRIDGE UPDATE

I may start calling Claude a Liberal 😉    He blasted our MP a new one in his column.   It’s about time more people called our MP on his non-performance.  Posing for pictures doesn’t create jobs or clear up bridges.



Mayor Bob Kilger has picked up where Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry MP Guy Lauzon never really started.

While Lauzon wears a Harperdesigned muzzle and says next to nothing (make that absolutely nothing of any value) about his government’s decision to shut down one of Canada’s busiest border crossings, a closing that is taking a big bite out of the local economy, Kilger is busy trying to broker an end to the closure.”

Elections are Saturday on Akwesasne.  Not sure if this will help with the logjam, but it probably can’t hurt.

Some area coverage of the Bridge closing:

CBSA setting up shop in US?

Upstate NY Economy Hurting 

“Armstrong says, “This has created an economic crisis for our region at a time when we are least able to defend ourselves.”

Business & Tribal Leaders Want Bridge Open

“Massena Town Supervisor W. Gary Edwards called the economic impact on the Massena community a “huge disaster.”

Should Mr. Van Loan Resign?

Peace Pledge from Akwesasne Chiefs

Officers won’t come back unless armed

DOMINION: Everybody has a Voice

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