Bob Gainey Makes Worst Deal of Decade; two decades in a row!

Habs GM traded away Chris Higgins, Pavel Valentenko, Doug Janik, and prize 1st rounder Ryan McDonaugh for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt, Michael Busto.  Blech.   I’m not sure if this was panic or the effect of too much single malt with Jacques Martin…

The Rangers were looking to dump Gomez who just isn’t that much better than Saku Koivu, but comes with a very expensive contract which Saku wouldn’t have.

If the Canadiens goal was to get bigger up the middle how does this transaction help the team?

You always want to get the “Best Player” in any deal and McDonaugh is the best player in this trade.   What is the point of Trevor Timmins hard work if Bob Gainey is going to give away the gems for worn out overpriced players?

Geez I wish I could play Rotisserie Hockey against Bob!

In other NHL news, Mike Komiserk’s agent has informed the Habs that he will be filing for Free Agency which means the Habs may lose the D man with no compensation.

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